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Baltic Football Shirts Raffle


This raffle is sold out!

For our first raffle we will be drawing a 2020 JK Narva Trans #18 Sobtšenko Match Worn Home Shirt (size Medium)!
That's right a match worn shirt used during the 2020 season by the Estonian player 
Roman Sobchenko.

  • 40 squares, 1 country per square

  • €3 euros per country or if you are feeling lucky you can get 4 countries(squares) for €10 euros!

  • For every new purchase in the store you will get a free spot in the raffle(spots will be randomly assigned)



Russia - Gustavo Guerra from Brazil


The raffle profits will be donate to Krister Kaspar treatment

For more info please - Help Kaspar get brain cancer treatment.


How does it work? 
scratch card with 40 different countries that have played in past World Cups. 
The participants pick their countries and the winner is revealed when the card is scratched off.  Quick and simple! 


What's the prize?

2020 JK Narva Trans #18 Sobtšenko Match Worn Home Shirt (size Medium).

It is a used shirt and has some signs of wear. Still in very good condition.

How much does it cost to participate?

It costs only €3 euros(three euros) per square(country) to participate.
Or if you are feeling lucky you can get 4 squares for €10 euros!

Or by purchasing any item in the webstore.

How do I pay?

 - Bank transfer (bank account, revolut)

 - Paypal (@balticfootballshirts)

 - Credit card (fees may apply)

How do I get the shirt if I win? 
We will be shipping the shirt to the winner wherever the winner is located. Shipping is included in the participation fee.


What if the shirt doesn't fit me?

As this is a raffle you will not be able to exchange the shirt. You can give it away to a friend or resell it to other collectors.


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